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????? The most ridiculous thing that actually happens? O: Don’t do this to pets! They’re living creatures, not toys.

oh my god this when I was at our local no-kill shelter getting my cats there was a lady there with cutest dog and she was arguing with the worker about it and this is what I picked up

worker: ma’am you can’t just return this dog like it’s a piece of meat, you signed something saying you would take care of him

lady: but he got too big we can’t handle him!

worker: you’ve only had him 3 months and we told you over and over he was a great dane mix but you insisted it was fine!

lady: well that doesn’t really matter now does it? you need to take him back

worker: are you kidding me? he’s a living creature with feelings and needs and memories he’s clearly already attached to you and you’re just going to give him back? wow fine clearly you are not fit to own him anyway hand him over.

lady: thank you now can I take a look at your SMALL dogs I’ll be needing another

worker: ma’am please leave

I hate people

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"Disney Villains Perfume" by japanese artist Ruby Spark.

i saw that one was missing

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Heartbroken but healed

Girl :I need a shoulder to cry on now...since all of my friends believed what that scumbag tell ..
Boy-Best friend :Well, I don't believe what he says.
Girl :I don't trust you and I don't know you. *tears coming out
Boy-Best friend :I knew what he did from the start. Even I'm his best friend I know what he done is wrong.
Girl :I guess I deserve to be treated like this. *crying
Boy-Best friend :No. You don't deserve this. You should deserve better guy than him.
Girl :Well, it's all gone now. I can't take everything back.
Boy-Best friend :That's true. Can I tell you something? *calling her to come closer
Girl :What is it? *came closer to him
Boy-Best friend :Please don't waste you're tears for that scumbag. I have been watching you from the start. You are a warm and kind girl. *hug her
Girl :*suprise
Boy-Best friend :I liked you before you date him. But I've keep that feeling inside since he confessed first. I can't bare to watch you suffer like this because of him. I LOVE YOU * kiss her forehead
Girl :*shocked
P.S. this is based on my experience :)
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